How to Accomplish My Goals.

Speak with confidence in front of professionals:

  • take deep breaths
  • be prepared
  • engage in small talk more often with strangers
  • maintain eye contact
  • go into speech with positive thoughts

Daily activity to improve confidence:

  • get out of my comfort zone at least once a day by talking to a stranger, try a new activity at the rec center,¬†join an interesting club, think positive

Fluidity throughout my speech:

  • practice difficult words beforehand
  • stay hydrated
  • don’t say “like” or “um” just pause
  • prepare
  • be one step ahead

Daily activity to improve fluidity:

  • say a tongue twister once a day, during one conversation per day be mindful of not using “like” or “um”

Research On Goals.

Confidence in front of professionals:

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Have fluidity throughout speech: