Reflection on the quarter…

Overall, I feel like a more confident and prepared public speaker. Throughout the quarter, I have improved on eliminating filler words that disrupt the flow of my speeches. I feel less nervous in front of my classmates, now that I know they are all supportive and just want me to be my best self. Before every speech, I have tried to sit confidently at my desk, and it has definitely worked, as my classmates have told me I speak confidently and don’t look nervous.

I am grateful for this experience to build upon my public speaking skills, because I will most likely have to pitch a story idea, conduct interviews, and speak to the public in my future journalist position.

I was pleased to be able to choose my own topics to speak about because I was able to speak with passion about topics that affect me personally. I would definitely keep that freedom within the class for future students. I enjoyed the first two speech rounds because they allowed me to get to know my classmates on a more personal level compared to the third round options. Maybe add a more personal type of speech to the third round next year?

In conclusion, the life philosophy speeches were my favorite, and I enjoyed listening to all of them. It was a great way to wrap up the year. Thank you for a great quarter, Professor Truch. I really improved as a speaker, and grew as an individual.

word count: 854


Reflection Round 3

I feel like I had good pacing, as I spoke at a rate everyone could understand me at. My voice was loud enough and clear, allowing my argument to be heard. I thought I made eye contact, but it could’ve been better.

I felt as though I wove my sources into my speech in an effective way, making my argument stronger as a whole.

I kept the information concise and effective, making my argument more persuasive.

I could have worked on not repeating information as much, and explaining my slides in further detail.