Reflection Speech Round 2

Reflecting on this speech round, I improved upon using visual aids, eye contact, and speaking more confidently.

In my first speech in this round, I noticed a few things I could do differently regarding visual aids for my second speech in this round. In my first speech, I didn’t have a clicker, which turned my attention to my laptop rather than making eye contact with my audience. However, in my next speech, I came prepared with a clicker to click through my slides. This allowed me to improve upon eye contact with my audience, which engages them more. I wasn’t as passionate about my first topic this round as I was about my second. Therefore, I feel as though I had an overall better presentation with my tea speech. Not only did I improve on small things, but my passion for the subject seemed to make my speech more compelling and informative. I noticed that with my tea speech, I did a better job at going into more detail on fewer topics; however, I need to add more personal anecdotes.

For the next round, I want to continue working on going into more detail with fewer points rather than briefly covering too many topics. In addition, I want to bring my personal experience into the speech more.


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